Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.


starters cute - 6962563072
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Will Always Be One of the Greatest!

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First Gen PokéDress

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Where are This Child's Parents?!

pokemon memes cute cubone cosplay kid
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I'd Take That Poor Charmander

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Created by SirKilmoreRyan

The Next Eeveelution is Exceptionally Loyal

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Gengar Used Nightmare

raichu gengar cute - 8288992000
Created by TekTheNinja

Which Eeveelution is Your Favorite?

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It'll Be Alright Cubone

art best of week charmander cubone cute hug super effective - 5536178432
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Do the PokéWave

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Well, That Explains Everything

Fan Art plants water cute - 8289940480
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom ( Via Pixiv )

Magikarp Salesman Ruined My Dream

couple cute derp magikarp rage comic Rage Comics - 6296932864
Created by cardboardsidecar
Pokémon cute Video frogs - 47851265

All the Frogs in Pokémon

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It's Too Cute!

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Blastoise Dad

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