Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

The Cutest Pokémon Plush Ever

Pokémon Plush cute pikachu - 8380690176
Via kai-you

A Gift for a New Little Friend

Pokémon gifts goomy cute mewtwo - 8275663104
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via Pixiv )

A Boy and His Dratini

dratini Pokémon Fan Art cute - 8463483136
Via caityhallart

Teddiursa Wants to Be Pancham

Pokémon art cute teddiursa pancham - 7548614400
Via cjcjcj69

After All These Years...

Via Pokémon Memes

Diglett Wednesday: Let's Get to Evolvin'

art cute daw diglett diglett wednesday the internets - 6300323840
Created by Unknown

The Eeveenth Doctor

Pokémon IRL eevee cute doctor who - 8296577024
Created by LalaSpunkMaster

It's Too Cute!

anime cute gifs skitty tv-movies - 6435199488
Created by Lord_Clure

Colress the Adorable

cute gifs wtf colress - 8169973760
Created by MegaManLight

Is Espurr Really That Scary?

Pokémon anime espurr cute - 8031231744
Created by ExplosionExtreme

Diglett Wednesday: n.n

anime cute diglett diglett wednesday pikachu tv-movies - 6202916096
Created by Unknown

Love ALL the Starters!

all the gens art cute dawww fire grass starters water - 6030676992
Via Fur Affinity

How Crafty

amazing art cute eeveelutions fandom - 5888099840
Created by Unknown

Blastoise Dad

anime blastoise dad brock cute TV tv-movies - 6214217984
Created by Unknown

These Snuggles Are So Adorable, It Hurts

Via uporygon

Hours of Amusement…

Pokémon drawing cute pokemon logic umbreon - 8982472704
Via rumwik