Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Very Motivational

art awesome best of week cute joltik motivational - 5769433088
Created by Unknown

Respect These Leafy Pits!

Via Gawki
Pokémon pokemon go cute - 882437

Giant Pokémon Ditto Cushion Demands to Be Cuddled

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Go Get 'Em

art best of week cute pikachu steroids - 5702384896
Created by Unknown

Cosplaying Pokémon Are So Cute!

Pokémon cosplay art cute - 7563120640
Created by datcress

This is an Awesome Pokémon Tattoo

Pokémon cute tattoos - 7497794816
Created by Unknown

More Fire Power!!

fennekin gifs Fan Art cute delphox - 8464476416
Created by Luchabro ( Via Retsuo )
Pokémon snorlax awesome cute - 905477

People out There Are Getting Real Creative with Their Larger than Life Snorlax Cushions

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Hug Rejection

cute hugs greninja substitute - 8441005824
Created by Luchabro

Magikarp Salesman Ruined My Dream

couple cute derp magikarp rage comic Rage Comics - 6296932864
Created by cardboardsidecar

We Should Care About Inanimate Pokémon

art cute litwick Sad vanillite - 6167521280
Created by misterdarvus ( Via Pixiv )

Dream World

Chikorita cute dream world nightmares the internets - 6158081792
Created by Unknown

Baby Ho-Oh

art baby best of week cute evolution ho-oh - 5754427904
Created by funnycookies

Love Your Pokémon

eevee cute ninfia - 7059693312
Created by AlexYurian ( Via mochi )

Next, I'll Raichu a Love Song

cute Flower i choose you IRL raichu - 5435176192
Via Transie


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