Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

dancing cute pikachu Video - 73655809

More Dancing Pikachu, Because Why Not?

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Pokémon cute proposal relationships dating - 47878

This Pokémon Game Has an Adorably Romantic Surprise!

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A Little Trail of D'awww

Fan Art cute funny gastrodon - 7920526592

Pikachu Coming to Build-a-Bear Workshop in 2016!

pokemon memes pikachu build a bear 2016
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anime ash cute hug pikachu tv-movies - 6329675520
Created by Lord_Clure

Oh Arceus, YES

cute pikachu the internets - 6320954880
Created by Unknown

Dream World

art awesome cute dream world munna rainbow - 5303789056
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I Don't Want to Leave Without Chuuu

gifs cute pikachu - 8549723648
Created by PikachuIsCute

The Eeveenth Doctor

Pokémon IRL eevee cute doctor who - 8296577024
Created by LalaSpunkMaster

Colress the Adorable

cute gifs wtf colress - 8169973760
Created by MegaManLight

One-Man Bonfire

art charmander cute fire - 4917800192
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Could I Trouble You For a Cup of Ditto?

art cute ditto pokeball transform - 5364044544
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pokemon dad comic

A Father Really Needs to Take on Many Roles

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Baby Ho-Oh

art baby best of week cute evolution ho-oh - 5754427904
Created by funnycookies

Sounds Like a Cute Idea!

best of week comic cute pikachu piplup thanks - 5445758720
Created by tweedletwit

Take a Bow

Via cindaaaaaaay
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