Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Next, I'll Raichu a Love Song

cute Flower i choose you IRL raichu - 5435176192
Via Transie

I Want You to Be the One, Like No One Ever Was

adorable best of week cute IRL pokeball - 5331762688
Via Dead From the Waist Down

Who's That... Pokémon?

gifs anime cute pikachu - 7084401152
By Unknown

The Eeveenth Doctor

Pokémon IRL eevee cute doctor who - 8296577024
By LalaSpunkMaster
Funny memes about Pikachu

Fourteen Pikachu Memes For The Poke Nerds

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The Horror Mightyena Endures

attract best of week comic cute mightyena umbreon - 5531922432
By Dave316

Merry Christmas!

IRL christmas tree cute pikachu - 6901145856
Via All That is Pokemon

It's Super Effective

anime cubone cute derp pikachu tv-movies - 5678322432
By jpjr17

As Long as It Isn't Closed

art cute gifs pikachu poke ball - 5586727680
Via kinjaz.tumblr.com

Just Watching This Hurts for Some Reason

Via EyesOnFire1804

Now Just Aim It toward Cassiopika

Pokémon cute pikachu - 8977933056
By tamaleknight

It Doesn't Get Cuter Than This Baby Squirtle

pokemon memes cute kid cosplay squirtle
Via GnomesticGoddess


crossover anime cute - 7074155008
By datcress (Via [ポケハムズ!])


best of week charmander cute do it yourself Pokémans - 5119566592
By sixonefive72


cute evolution pichu pikachu raichu - 6580295680
By Pikawind (Via volmise)

Charizard, I Choose You!

pokemon memes charizard pikachu rose
Via 東みなつ@オリキャラはじめまし
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