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Greatest Dubbed Laugh Ever

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Maybe Ash IS Improving?

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Created by Kaguyahime

Ash, Name That Pokémon!

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See all captions Created by Jonny_

Slow and Steady

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Can it Really Be That Simple?

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Created by Unknown

Frisky Misty

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Created by randman22222

Anime Bashing in a Nutshell

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Created by Unknown

Pikachu Isn't the Only One With Electric Powers

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Created by xxxn80rxxx


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Created by Unknown

Pokémon: GTA Style

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Created by Ezzy

Never Back Down

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Created by Unknown

Lazy, Lazy Charizard

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Created by Ploopy11

Y U No Draw Me Better?

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We Accidentally Our Faces

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Created by Unknown

Ash's Preferred Method of Finding Lost Items

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Created by tyuk90

Walking Your Dog in the Morning Pondering All Life's Innermost Complexities

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