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It Could Save Your Life

wtf anime - 8590490112
Created by Luchabro
wtf cosplay list - 687365

"Low Cost Cosplay" is Hilarious Proof That Anyone Can Cosplay With Any Budget

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Say Wot M8?

wtf anime - 8587760128
Created by tamaleknight

MFW I Discovered That a "Gumball Hentai" Exists

wtf anime japanese entertainment - 8586166272
Created by CBV_Reborn

Me Tarzan, You Jerk

cartoon memes tarzan jerking off gif
Via skunkandburningtires
anime wtf - 74218497

You Molted?!

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The Episode in a Nutshell

wtf monster musume - 8562570240
Created by Luchabro

7.8/10 Too Much Love Nectar

wtf anime - 8556833792
Created by Luchabro

Great New Self Service Idea

anime memes shimoneta toilet paper fap
Via Shimoneta
dragon ball memes

A Sad Day: Dragon Ball Has Reached Its Lowest Point in Animation Quality

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The Yandere Follow Up

wtf anime nope - 8544760832
Created by Zero_Res

Things You Want Your Waifu To Say About You

wtf anime that sounds naughty - 8548415744
Via xunit-00x

What's Another Word for 'Minion'?

funny memes sexy subordinate minion costume
Via thottielamottie

A Little Dryer Than You Expected

wtf anime Cats - 8541044480
Created by memefield

Truth Behind The Myth

mermaids wtf fish - 8541045504
Created by memefield

This Guy Dressed as Frieza Totally Nailed It

anime memes terrible gold frieza cosplay
Via Cinema Today