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What Do You Mean You've Never Heard of Studio Ghibli?

wtf anime studio ghibli spirited away - 8762259968
Created by Mamalugia
wtf parody cartoons adventure time - 79004161

Hey Finn, the Adventure is in Your Pants!

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Not Cool Dude

wtf that looks naughty anime - 8760603136
wtf list winnie the pooh - 757765

Never Want to Enjoy Winnie the Pooh Again? Check Out These Face Masks

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Karaoke and Yaoi, What More Could You Ask For?

anime karaoke yaoi
Via takagikun

So, Uh, These Minion Multivitamins are Actually Ecstasy

minion vitamins actually drugs
Via Huffington Post

Welp, That Really Changes Things

disney wtf pocahontas - 8754020608

Sponge Rage

cartoons gifs SpongeBob SquarePants wtf - 8752678144
Created by tamaleknight
wtf anime Dragon Ball Z Video - 78237697

That Moment When You Refuse a Saiyan Their Chicken McNuggets

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Her Pound of Flesh

wtf cartoons netflix - 8748696832
Created by tamaleknight

It's Not Like I Want to Eat You or Anything.....

wtf anime - 8604696064
Created by Luchabro

Suddenly, I'm Filled With Worry for Mr. Potato Head

mr potato head consciousness question
Via garbage-wizard

Washed and Framed On The Wall

wtf anime memefield pls - 8603553536
Created by memefield

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

big knee fetish
Via this-is-cthulhu-privilege

Great Plot Comming to You This Year

bewbees wtf anime - 8600492288
Created by Luchabro

Sexy Vapejutsu

wtf anime - 8596790016
Created by nickle5 ( Via sugoi-since-98 )