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wtf IRL anime - 8482191872
Created by ArkenFlare

Seems Worth the Risk

wtf anime - 8479585024
Created by Kurmon

Can't Unsee

anime memes kurokos basketball no nips
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Anime in a Nutshell

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Disney is Making a Live Action Winnie the Pooh, Too

geek memes news disney live action remake winnie the pooh
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You May Have Missed This Part

Yellow - Ernie spasms in horror at the sight of his newborn children, left on his doorstep by the seven mothers who he impregnated. Bert watches, seeing this as revenge for all the times he was awoken by Ernie triggering his Vietnam flashbacks
Created by maorows ( Via knowyourmeme )

We Have to Quad Deeper

wtf cartoons shrek - 8469858560
Created by maorows

Too Much Internet

anime wtf - 8463356160
Created by memefield

Open Wide

wtf gifs anime memefield pls - 8457468672
Created by memefield

He-man Ruined Your Childhood

wtf gifs animation he man - 7041236224
Created by anthropocene

Arm Nom Nom

wtf gifs anime - 8453399552
Created by tamaleknight

Safety Reminder

sexytimes wtf anime - 8450286592
Created by Luchabro
anime Video wtf - 68837633

What Do Magical Girls Do When Stranded in the Desert?

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All The Fixins

wtf pizza gifs cartoons - 8447660032
Created by tamaleknight

Spider-loli Ain't Got Time fo' Dat

wtf gifs anime - 8445647360
Created by ChinChillin
wtf anime tokyo ghoul Video - 68703233

All About that Bass No Kidding

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