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Divinity: Original Sin is Live (and Not Early Access)!

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Nintendo Buys Something for One Hundred Million Dollars

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The Last Guardian Lives!

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playstation twitter plants vs zombies Video Game Coverage - 183044

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is Coming to PlayStation

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twitter watch dogs pc gaming Video Game Coverage - 182020

Worry Not, Watch_Dogs on PC Will Supposedly be Just Like the Console Versions

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twitter The Walking Dead Video Game Coverage - 179972

Don't Forget, Today's the Day for TWD Episode 3!

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Turtle Rock Community Manager Fired After Tweets About Donald Sterling

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Via Game Informer
twitter Video Game Coverage - 177924

DayZ Standalone Has Sold Two Million Copies in Six Months

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Square Enix Registers Just Cause 3 Domain

twitter just cause 3 square enix Just Cause Video Game Coverage - 8162114048
Via @supererogatory
Twitter fight between Dan Stapleton and Angry YouTuber

Both Parties Look Ridiculous When IGN Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton Calls Out YouTuber Angry Joe on Twitter

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Frostbite Gets a Little Harsh for Their April Fools' Day Prank

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Via @FrostbiteEngine
titanfall twitter DLC Video Game Coverage - 165380

New Titanfall Game Modes Will be Free, Not Paid DLC

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twitter Video Game Coverage - 158212

SimCity 10 Offline Mode is Finally Here

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twitter mass effect PlayStation 4 xbox one Video Game Coverage - 157700

Mass Effect Might Get Remastered for PS4/Xbone

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twitter watch dogs Video Game Coverage - 157188

Developer Confirms Watch Dogs Will Have 8 Player Open World Multiplayer

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The Original Kong, Cranky, Takes Over Nintendo's Twitter Feed and It's More Clever Than You Think

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