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Gears of War Creator Cliff Bleszinski Weighs in on Nintendo's Decision to Go Mobile


Nintendo's Working on the Replacement for the Wii U, Codenamed "NX"

video game news nintendo new console nx
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Hold on to Your Toad Hats: Nintendo to Produce Mobile Games

video game news nintendo mobile games
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It's Official: Titanfall 2 Coming to Xbox One, PC, and PS4

video game news titanfall 2 announced

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Will be Released World Wide on September 1

video game news metal gear solid v phantom pain release date
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news unreal engine 4 Video Video Game Coverage - 69162241

Go Forth and Create; Unreal Engine 4 is Free!

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Lionsgate Has Invested in Telltale Games

video game news lionsgate invests in telltale games
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bethesda news lawsuit Video Game Coverage - 68814849

Whatever You Do, Don't Use 'Fallout' in Your Game Title

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Bethesda's Hosting Their Own Conference Showcase at E3

video game news bethesda e3 conference
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This Guy is Facing Five Years for "SWATting"

video game news famed god facing five years for swatting
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Turkey Is Investigating Minecraft After Complaints of Violence

video game news turkey investigating minecraft violence
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news Hotline Miami 2 Video Game Coverage - 276228

Call This Number for a Hot(line Miami 2 Release) Date

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borderlands news Video Game Coverage - 274436

Gearbox is Hiring for Borderlands 3

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DotA's Been Banned in a Philippine Village Because Kids are Killing Each Other Over It

news violence dota video games Video Game Coverage - 8434263808

Club Nintendo is Shutting Down

RIP club nintendo, club nintendo shutting down
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Rockstar is Offering a Free Game If You Pre-Order GTA V for PC

gta v pc pre order bonus
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