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Now You Can Play Hearthstone on Your Phone!

play heathstone on iPhone
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Xbox One Will Get to Play Star Wars Battlefront First

get ready for the battlefront
Via Eurogamer
trailers Guitar Hero news Video Game Coverage - 70251777

Guitar Hero Live Revealed!

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news monster hunter Video Game Coverage - 70251009

Monster Hunter Stories Reveal

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Destiny 'House of Wolves' Expansion Set to Release May 19th

destiny news release date Video Game Coverage - 8477667840
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news tony hawk leak funny Video Game Coverage - 304644

Tony Hawk 5 Leaked?

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Plants Vs Zombies Vs Movies

I hear plants vs zombies going to be really plot heavy.
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Five Nights at Freddy's Is Going to the Silver Screen

five nights at freddy's the movie
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news Video deus ex Video Game Coverage - 70117377

Can't Kill Progress: Deus Ex Reveal

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playstation news wtf Video Video Game Coverage - 70116865

PlayStation Heroes: Where You Can Play Games Against Snoop Dogg

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news Video nintendo Video Game Coverage - 69929985

Nintendo Direct 4/1/2015

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So Wait, Konami Is Putting Kojima Back in Metal Gear?

make up your mind konami!
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Goodbye Playstation Home

playstaytion home is pronounced dead
Via Kotaku

No Foolin'! Nintendo Direct Talk Coming Your Way April 1st

check out an upcoming spring release in the nintendo treehouse
Via Nintendo America
news delay wii U legend of zelda nintendo Video Game Coverage - 69833473

Please Understand, Legend of Zelda for Wii U Has Been Delayed

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Looks Like Hideo Kojima Really is Leaving Konami

video game news kojima leaving konami
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