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The Shade of Time

Fan Art zelda - 8248178688
By MoDude117
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It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This XL

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Had To Do It

so close majoras mask zelda - 6744913152
By Rolling_Wizz


gifs cucco zelda - 7803826176
By Unknown
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ZeldaVR - The Legend of Zelda on Oculus Rift

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Link Got 200 Rupees!

link Fan Art Pokémon zelda mega sableye - 8220056064
By DwarfTurtle (Via arkeis)

Gossip Stone Starting to Sh*t Again

Via camptokar
Music cosplay videos ocarina of time zelda - 57836801

Violinist Taylor Davis Brings Gerudo Valley to Life With This Amazing Video

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Anticipated Games We Might See in 2017

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I Can't Quite Put My Finger On It

Fan Art link Skyward Sword twilight princess video games zelda - 5436105216
Via October-Shadows

Might Wanna Take a Hot Sec, and Rethink That One...

Via Books of Adam

Wanted By All the Men in Hyrule

legend of zelda video games zelda - 5364150272
Via diacita

The Perfect Reason to Quest

Fan Art legend of zelda video games zelda - 5509340160
By thesignpainter (Via RogueAngelAlan)
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Paper Mario? How Bout Paper Zelda?

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Never Thought of Navi in This Way Before

Sad link navi zelda - 8291745536
Via Lethalityrush