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Bloodborne Has a Unique Honor

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Created by nicholas.r.radtke

Blurring the Lines

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Created by NakiNagura ( Via naki-taichou )
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More Gameplay in A Link Between Worlds

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Gossip Stone Starting to Sh*t Again

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This is Why a Fairy Type Would Stink

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Created by Unknown

Xerneas Makes Mad Rupees

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Would You Play a First Person Legend of Zelda Game?

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The Safest Place for Her

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Created by lrregular


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Created by Travis_Touchdown

Gotta Go Wind Waker Cause HD

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Created by Rukario-kun

Every Single Cave...

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Created by Unknown

Old School Gamers Would Know How to Handle This

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MRW There's Only One Collectible Left

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Created by Sephiroth1993

These Nintendo Princesses Could Star in Disney Movies of Their Own

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The Beginning of the Epidemic

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