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covers days of future past empire magazine xmen - 167429

All 25 X-Men: Days of Future Past Empire Magazine Covers

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Why Not Zoidberine?

crossover xmen Fan Art futurama - 7643078656
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The Handiest Superpower

rogue xmen professor x Cats web comics - 7960446208
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50 Years of X Men

anniversary xmen mutants - 7885849856
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supercut professor x xmen - 64844289

Professor X Fails

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Are The Power Rangers Teaming Up With The X-Men?

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X-Men Apocalypse Art Pits Two Heroes Against Each Other

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Olivia Munn xmen psylocke apocalypse - 106759

Olivia Munn Is Still Kicking Butt in Her Psylocke Training

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Hipster Marvel Characters

Spider-Man art xmen - 8137691648
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beast days of future past mystique xmen clip - 72378369

Beast and Mystique Make-Out In This New Clip from "The Rogue Cut"

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New Bond Girl To Play Opposite Channing Tatum in 'Gambit'

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Don't Be Ableist, Logan

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The Phoenix Has Focus

cosplay jean grey marvel phoenix xmen - 5586810624
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Four New Stills From X-Men: Days of Future Past

days of future past empire magazine xmen - 8028216064
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Don't Get in His Way, Bub

cosplay xmen wolverine - 7918781696
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Girl, Put Some Clothes On

cosplay marvel xmen - 6265779968
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