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Olivia Munn xmen psylocke apocalypse - 106759

Olivia Munn Is Still Kicking Butt in Her Psylocke Training

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Bryan Singer Teaches Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) All About Archery on the Set of X-Men: Apocalypse

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Director Bryan Singer took to Instagram to give fans a look at some behind the scenes of his new movie X-Men: Apocalypse . You'd think Game of Thrones would have taught Sophie Turner how to shoot a bow, but I guess she spends most of her hours being sexually menaced by creeps. Check out the video: Found the play back #Xmen #XmenApocalypse A video posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on Jun 17, 2015 at 2:18pm PDT
beast days of future past mystique xmen clip - 72378369

Beast and Mystique Make-Out In This New Clip from "The Rogue Cut"

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New Bond Girl To Play Opposite Channing Tatum in 'Gambit'

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X-Men Apocalypse's Viral Marketing Begins

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Jubilee Is Rocking A Classic Look in Her X-Men: Apocalypse Set Photo

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Jean Grey, Cyclops and Storm Join The First Class

storm xmen apocalypse cyclops casting news jean grey - 8434269184
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Magneto xmen professor x - 336901

The Real Reason Professor X and Magneto Sent Wolverine Back In Time

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Bryan Singer Is Showing Off X-Men: Apocalypse's Amazing Practical Sets

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days of future past xmen how it should have ended time travel - 68681729

Time Travel Is The Best Power

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Assume My Identity Any Day

comics cosplay mystique xmen - 5382675712
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Scarlet Witch vs Cable

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Colossal Body Paint

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Why Not Zoidberine?

crossover xmen Fan Art futurama - 7643078656
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New X Men Apocalypse Clip Hones in on the Mystery Behind En Sabah Nur

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Who Needs Three Claws?

cosplay marvel xmen - 5564504832
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