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doom Video Game Coverage mods video games win - 971781

Dude Boldly Goes Where No Man Has before, and Documents Creating No Man's Sky in Doom 2

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Video Game Coverage anime dark souls video games dark souls 3 win - 80270337

Dark Souls 3 With a Fullmetal Alchemist Twist Makes for One Enjoyably Comedic Ride

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A Man Selling His Koala Makes the Best Craigslist Post Ever

Screenshot of the best Craigslist post ever of a guy who is trying to honestly sell his Koala with excellent description of the experience. Once he is in water he is fine getting him into the water is the challenge he will scratch you, he will bite you and you will bleed
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Pokémon GO Credited for Reviving a Once-Struggling Ice Cream Shop

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Pokémon video games fans win - 81949185

Nine Years of Hard Work Later the Fan-Made Pokémon Game Is Here!

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marvel comics iron man Video win - 72668673

This Incredibly Detailed Iron Man Hulkbuster Toy Is Every Comic Book Fan's Dream

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Use Sing! Then Doubleslap!

Funny exchange on Omegle that ends with one of the strangers making an ASCII artwork of Pokemon
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Man returns a lost wallet through sending messages in transactions | Tim Cameron Follow @Timcammm just lost my wallet on way home work didn't have much identifying info there so good Samaritan got touch with my via my bank account 4x transfers 0.01 each with reference up 18 chars

Man Returns Lost Wallet By Sending Messages Through Transactions

The world isn't a totally bad place after all.
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photography superheroes stunt win - 393989

Everyday Superheroes Photographed On 1,000-Foot Ledge

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bethesda doom video games Video win - 81302785

Bethesda Partnered With MyMiniFactory to Create a Life-Size Replica of the BFG Gun From DOOM

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benedict cumberbatch funny Video win - 82951425

We Can't Get Enough of Benedict Cumberbatch and His Water Magic Trick

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trailers star wars movies cute old people reaction Video win - 76637441

The Joy of Old People Watching Star Wars: The Force Awaken's Trailer Will Feed Your Hype For Its Release

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A collection of life pro tips that could come in handy | r/LifeProTips Join u/FloridaMan32225 8h LPT sort out all automated emails by adding filter inbox using word "unsubscribe Have them sent folder choosing and watch inbox clear up quickly. Also try phrases like "opt out" or "donotreply continue eliminating volume. Productivity Not my idea but wow 's been helpful recommend putting them all marked as "read" and into single folder, which then still check periodically sure there are better ways

Life Pro Tips That Could Come In Handy

Some clutch life pro tips.
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Dr. Seuss's "Jurassic Park"

dr seuss funny dinosaurs g rated win - 7821610496
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Take to the Skies, You Will

star wars Hot Air Balloon nerdgasm yoda g rated win scifi - 8350122496
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photoshop battle norman reedus

The Internet's Having a Field Day Photoshopping Norman Reedus Holding Random Sh*t in Hideo Kojima's Latest Game

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