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The Ultimate Tribute to Harry Potter in LEGO Form

Harry Potter lego nerdgasm Hogwarts g rated win - 8433714688
Via Alice Finch
Harry Potter Video win quidditch - 110854

This Video of People Playing Quidditch While Skydiving Is Easily the Most Magical Thing You'll See All Day

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crossover Pokémon art Game of Thrones win - 824325

Artist Reimagines Every Game of Thrones House With Pokémon and the Results Are Gold

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The Oldest Trick in Pokémon

strategy trick win - 4866792960
Created by Adrai
anime Fan Art video games win overwatch - 986373

Fan Art Achieves Brilliance By Combining Overwatch and One Piece

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nintendo 64 video games genius nintendo win - 81771777

This Guy Built a Mini NES with Working Cartridges

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The Rest of You Dungeon Masters Need to Step Up Your Game

Via silverlight
Video Game Coverage dark souls video games dark souls 3 Video win - 81554433

Guy Not Only Beats Dark Souls Using a Dance Pad, but He Also Defeats the Nameless King, Cause Why Not?

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Pinkie Wins Again

cartoons pinkie pie ponies win - 6580328960
Created by HarleySolo
dark souls dance video games dark souls 3 win - 80304641

If You're Going to Beat Dark Souls 3's First Boss, Why Not Do It With a Dance Pad Like This Nimble Legend

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Don This Belt and Take Out Those Blasted Turtles!

TMNT design nerdgasm belt g rated win - 8032181248
Via Buy One Here!
destiny Video Game Coverage video games win - 81554945

Guy Playing Destiny Wins 3v1 Match Without Firing off a Single Shot

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The Walking Con-Goers

cosplay TV The Walking Dead win - 7169037568
Via Reddit

Pokémon GO Credited for Reviving a Once-Struggling Ice Cream Shop

Via caller
metal gear solid Video Game Coverage video games win - 80188161

Amputee Gamer Gets Prosthetic Arm Inspired by Metal Gear Solid With Charger, Drone, and Interactive Screen

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geek cosplay joker batman win - 1014021

People Brought Their A Game for New York City Comic Con Over the Weekend

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