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Pokémon pumpkins halloween win dating - 1076997

Guy's Girlfriend Helped His Mom Turn a Pumpkin into Koffing for a Work Competition, and This Absolutely Deserves First Prize

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Guy Creates Amazing 3D Sculpts of His Favorite Characters, and Based off These He Should Probably Make It a Full-Time Job

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Ugliest Tattoos: My Neighbour Totoro WIN!

anime tattoos win - 6556640768
Created by shubumkin

Might and Magic Heroes VII Cosplay Is a Brilliant Shining Testament to What Can Be Achieved When That Armor/Shading's Executed to Perfection

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This Guy Leaves 3D Model Pokémon out for Pokémon GO! Players, Instead of Yelling at 'Em to Get off His Lawn



translation tardis win - 8000443904
Created by jinacio ( Via rayna-beifong )
overwatch blizzard Video Game Coverage video games IRL video games win - 83841025

Guy Crafts Real Life Version of Genji's Sword from Overwatch and Shows It off in Action

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nerdgasm robots funny Video g rated win - 54450945

This Robotic Beetle Was 11 Years in the Making

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The Most Accurate Fan Representation of Bender. You'll See Why.

bender futurama lego nerdgasm g rated win - 8235711744
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video games Video win - 54679809

Multi Video Games System Cabinet Playable With 75 Retro Controllers

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Blastoise for the Win!

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geek Star Trek Video win - 82135553

The Star Trek Beyond Cast Dubsmash Is About to Brighten Your Day

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Nightmare Fuel of the Day: Real Life Marge Simpson is One of the Creepiest Things You Will Ever See

IRL videos nightmare fuel win - 8125606144
Via Alexander Khokhlov

Pinkie Wins Again

cartoons pinkie pie ponies win - 6580328960
Created by HarleySolo
Pokémon pokemon go Video Game Coverage video games win - 906757

Guy Playing Pokémon GO Live-Tweets the Ridiculous Number of Rare Pokémon He Encounters in His Condo

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Music virtual reality video games win - 81043201

Virtual Reality Game Lets You Punch Your Favorite Songs in the Face

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