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Blade, Buffy, We Could Really Use Your Help

blade crossover Fan Art twilight vampires - 6150729728
Created by FeralCatzForever ( Via berserk-xxx )

I'll Stick With Ponies, Thanks

meme ponies Reframe vampires women - 5990977792
Created by WritingRabbit
trailers vampires Video - 61477377

Check Out This Spooky Trailer for Guillermo del Toro's The Strain

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Costume Complexity

costume timberwolves Sweetie Belle apple bloom nightmare night vampires changelings Scootaloo dracula - 8986110720
Created by Sydriosis ( Via Dilarus )

A Clown, Why Did It Have to Be Clowns??

costume spike equestria girls clown halloween Sweetie Belle apple bloom nightmare night pinkie pie vampires Scootaloo dracula - 8986396928
Via Mauroz

WTF Japan?!

wtf japan vampires zombie Japan - 7510675968
Created by shinigami_ ( Via TrueAnimeLife )
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