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You've got a friend in me partner. Toy Story was every 90s babies' go to movie after Lion King and Aladdin. The quintessential children's movie starring Buzz Lightyear and Woody will never go out of style. So take a trip back memory lane and laugh at these hilarious Toy Story puns.

To Infinity and Beyond!

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Created by muppetpuppet

Draw Me Like My Ruined Childhood

cartoon memes draw me like sid from toy story
Via suburban-auschwitz

Get Out While You Still Can, Toys!

toy story cradle to the grave
Via Berkeley Mews
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The Toy Story Cartoon Parody You've Been Waiting For!

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To Panic or Not to Panic

toy story princess coronation - 6984332544
Created by S1MP50N ( Via s1mp50n )

Giving Me a Woody

wtf woody toy story pixar cartoons - 8495364608
Created by maorows

Buzz, Your Body, Woof!

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Created by BakaJeeves ( Via TDSpiral )

No I Did NOT Have Nightmares!

disney toy story nightmare fuel pixar funny - 7485446912
Created by JamesNicholasGarcia
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Khan Narrating Toy Story is Far More Terrifying Than It Should Be

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Too Soon

toy story brony - 8209836032
Created by NaClson

But Can It Fly?

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Created by Unknown
crossover toy story man of steel Video - 52580609

Toy of Steel Trailer

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The Joffrey of Toy Story

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Via Teepublic
toy story that looks naughty vine - 78533633

Go Back, Go Back!

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Andy's Room, and Other Painstakingly Recreated Toy Story 3 Sets Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

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Toyhood is the Perfect Boyhood Parody

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