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You've got a friend in me partner. Toy Story was every 90s babies' go to movie after Lion King and Aladdin. The quintessential children's movie starring Buzz Lightyear and Woody will never go out of style. So take a trip back memory lane and laugh at these hilarious Toy Story puns.

[Insert Woody Joke Here]

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Hidden Woody Advertising

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Toy Story 4 to be Released in 2017

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Every Brony Site This Week

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Pinkie Watches Toy Story?

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Sids' Toys Explained

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Toy Story That Time Forgot is Toy Story Meets Land Before Time

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Bronies and Haters in a Nutshell

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Not Even Subtle Anymore

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To Infinity and Rollout

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Toy Story Rap God

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The Claw Chooses Who Will Go Into My Belly

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Hey You, Listen Up

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Clark Is Way More into Toy Story

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Now Rarity is Best Pony

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Let Me Show You the Courtship Dance of My People

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