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You've got a friend in me partner. Toy Story was every 90s babies' go to movie after Lion King and Aladdin. The quintessential children's movie starring Buzz Lightyear and Woody will never go out of style. So take a trip back memory lane and laugh at these hilarious Toy Story puns.

Get Out While You Still Can, Toys!

toy story cradle to the grave
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Not Even Subtle Anymore

applejack toy story rarity references - 8570699776
Created by Nicolas_M

Hey You, Listen Up

cartoons pixar toy story - 8153895168
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woody toy story videos season 3 finale - 48227585

Woody Reacts to MLP Season 3 Finale

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Every Brony Site This Week

toy story flutterbat - 7979510784
Created by Part3Pon3

I Don't Like Where This Is Going

princess celestia molestia toys toy story woody - 7890374656
Created by maorows ( Via askprincessmolestia )
benedict cumberbatch trailers toy story Video - 58370561

Khan Narrating Toy Story is Far More Terrifying Than It Should Be

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[Insert Woody Joke Here]

cartoons gifs pixar toy story - 8242630912
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Wow, Who Decided to Chop All These Onions in Here?

toy story captain america Wow, Who Decided to Chop All These Onions in Here?
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toy story pixar cartoons Video - 64357377

The Toy Story Cartoon Parody You've Been Waiting For!

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Say What You Will About Toy Story, It's Still an Incredible Movie

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Toy Story That Time Forgot is Toy Story Meets Land Before Time

toy story San Diego Comic Con 2014 pixar cartoons - 8266183936
Music toy story pixar Video - 56787201

Give This Epic Toy Story Remix a Listen

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Two Amazing Tattoos That Will Lend You a Hand

anime tattoos toy story dbz
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toy story cartoons Video - 62560769

You've Got a Friend in Woody

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The Joffrey of Toy Story

toy story Game of Thrones for sale - 8094918656
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