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Didn't Like Superman Returns? TOO BAD! Here's the Original Opening

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Who's Your Money On?

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Batman's Looking Good

aquaman batman costume flash Green lantern justice league pants Super-Lols superman wonder woman - 6201288960
Created by xyzpdq1

Better Grab The Sunscreen

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What Did You Say About His Power Level?

batman Dragon Ball Z Green lantern Super-Lols superman - 5949243136
Created by BizzarroNick

No! Bad Superman!

bad idea kryptonite Super-Lols superman - 6498629888
See all captions Created by MORRIS27

Crime Punished

Clark Kent superman - 8220510208
Via Dragon Arte

Oh Superman, You Prankster You

jerk Straight off the Page suicide superman - 5447256832
Created by Unknown

It Worked for the Kents

Babies parenting superman - 7680367360
Created by Nathan Girten

But it Was a Big Gun...

gun bullets superman - 6905480704
See all captions Created by Roldie

A New Hairdo and Contacts Work

glasses funny superman - 7508407296
Created by ryly97

Damn Supes, Take it Down a Notch

ouch joker batman superman - 7075028224
Created by Argentum_Rook

Batman You Ruin Everything

off the page santa batman superman - 7151837184
Created by hachan
Babies superman - 66936065

Superman's Super Terrible Twos

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We Understand You

world cardboard superman - 6978847232
Created by Sosuke

Supes Really Needs to Watch Where He's Going

Awesome Art head statue superman - 5196469760
Created by Unknown
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