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'Gotham' Video Provides a First Look at B.D. Wong as Hugo Strange

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jimmy kimmel marvel Jimmy Kimmel Live black panther Black Widow winter soldier iron man superheroes Video - 79485441

Watch Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Winter Soldier Square off in the Latest Intense Captain America: Civil War Clip

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taylor swift news halloween deadpool superheroes - 1091333

Ryan Reynolds Lent Taylor Swift His Actual Deadpool Costume, and We're Not so Sure How We Feel About It

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One Punch!

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Not Even A Question

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trailers agent carter marvel superheroes Video - 75951873

Agent Carter Season Two Promo Shows Her Punching L.A.'s Lights Out

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Annnnnd its Superheroes

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The New Generation of Female Superheroes and Hero Creators

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Because I'm Tony Stark

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iron man marvel superheroes robert downey jr tony stark - 79556865

When Iron Man Meets Iron Lady

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Superhero Catch Phrases

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benedict cumberbatch marvel cute superheroes funny Video - 83320577

The Avengers Assemble In New Doctor Strange Promo, and They're All Definitely Rocking a New Look

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He Loves His Photography

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superheroes jessica jones Video - 147463

Jessica Jones Released the Full Intro Sequence for People Who Just Can't Wait for the Show to Start

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