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One Punch Man, Is That You?


Learn to Up the Ante, Bro

KISS sexy times superheroes Super-Lols - 5792679424
By xyzpdq1

Marvel's 'Luke Cage' Has Announced a Release Date

luke cage marvel video Marvel's 'Luke Cage' Has Announced a Release Date
Via @LukeCage
list redesign superheroes ladies - 535045

Artist, Lord Ingvard, Re-Designs Women's Superhero Costumes To Be Actually Functional

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They're Heroes On and Off The Screen

Via supermarvelled

Look Very Closely...

movie trailer doctor strange marvel avengers benedict cumberbatch

The First Official Trailer for Doctor Strange Has Arrived!

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list marketing deadpool superheroes - 713989

Men Try and Fail To Trick Their Girlfriends and Wives With the Romantic Deadpool Poster

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One Strong Keyboard

art superheroes keyboard funny - 7446912768
By Unknown

Why Would Batman Take Public Transportation?

post-it notes public transportation superheroes - 8323170048
Via rainbowsnowlight
Thor marvel superheroes - 82260481

The Thor: Ragnarok Mockumentary Is Here, And It's Just As Good As We Hoped For

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Superhero Day Jobs

superheroes infographic - 7940793344
By Eavesyuk (Via Serviced)

We Don't Like Him

Thor gifs cartoons superheroes - 7722370560
By Unknown
superheroes - 65700353

The Superhero 1%

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cocktails superheroes wonder woman - 77647361

Wonder Woman Will make you Feel Wonderful!

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benedict cumberbatch marvel cute superheroes funny Video - 83320577

The Avengers Assemble In New Doctor Strange Promo, and They're All Definitely Rocking a New Look

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