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Come Sleet or Snow

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marvel tony stark Black Widow hawkeye captain america superheroes Spider-Man Video - 79320833

Captain America: Civil War Featurette Flaunts a Much Darker Tony Stark

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Ten Classic Superhero Vehicles

superheroes infographic - 8460671744
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The Avengers League of Justice Assemble

avengers DC justice league marvel superheroes - 7936579840
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Ermahgerd, It's Captain Emeriku!

sign superheroes - 8818029568
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I Bet Robin Never Takes Credit for Work He Didn't Do

funny batman school I Bet Robin Never Takes Credit for Work He Didn't Do
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batman superheroes the dark knight Video - 30973953

My Excitement Rises

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Sorry, Not Sorry?

deadpool iron man captain america Sorry, Not Sorry?
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Could've Been a Game Changer for Team Iron Man

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harambe GTA V superheroes video games video game logic funny - 1200645

8 Ridiculous Ways GTA V Players Have Tried to Stop a Train

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Stranger Things' Shannon Purser Is Asking People Who She's Gotta Talk to, to Play Squirrel Girl

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arrow trailers superheroes Video - 82766337

The New Trailer for Arrow Season 5 Is Here, and It Doesn't Disappoint

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wonder woman DC justice league aquaman darkseid superheroes Batman v Superman batman superman flash - 81258497

Amazingly Well Done Fan-Made Justice League Trailer Sends the Hype into Overdrive Mode

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Hey Kids, Where Are Your Parents At?

superheros kids Hey Kids, Where Are Your Parents At?
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Wait, What?

Harley Quinn joker love superheroes Super-Lols - 5918066432
See all captions Created by Greencliff

Team Captain or Team Ironman? Pick Your Side With One of These Sick Puppies

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