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The Kind of Video Game Logic That Makes My Blood Boil

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Super Mario Wedding Cake

Super Mario bros - 8257659136
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Super Dinobot Time

crossover Fan Art cartoons Super Mario bros - 8289778176
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Donkey Kong in Real Life Might Be the Best Thing You Watch Today

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Weedle Totally Looks Like a Wiggler From Super Mario Bros.

art Super Mario bros totally looks like weedle - 5271587584

Mario Has Triumphed...

luigi Super Mario bros video games - 6585458432
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Meanwhile In an Alternate Universe

Fan Art gifs pac man Super Mario bros video games - 6464914176
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Nintendo Superfan Goals

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Your Princess Is In Another Rook

cake chess Fan Art Super Mario bros - 5500688128
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Super Mario 64 Has Some Really Cute Penguin Secrets

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Green Eggs and Shrooms

Fan Art mario Super Mario bros video games - 5972006400
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wtf Super Mario bros Video - 58892033

You Thought You Were a Boss at Mario?

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He Wants to Save the Very Best

pokemon memes plumber mario trainer
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Super Mario to Make Its Debut on the iPhone at Last!

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Super Ring Brothers

ring Super Mario bros - 8580839936
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Music Super Mario bros Video Game Coverage - 58723841

I Have No Idea What This Instrument Is, But It Plays the Mario Theme Beautifully

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