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29 Mario Kart Memes That'll Make You Relive the Agony of the Blue Shell

29 Mario Kart Memes That'll Make You Relive the Agony of the Blue Shell

Yoshi or bust
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Level up Your Game With These 33 Gaming Memes (August 27, 2023)

It's funny to look back at our childhood days and think about the profound experiences we had while gaming. I still remember the first time I played " Super Mario Bros ." my parents bought an NES and it come bundled with a copy of the game. And while my dad was watching me getting killed over and over by the first goomba, I wasn't actually there - I was completely transported to a magical, colorful land , where I was this weird pixelated Guy that had to jump on the heads of these pixelated brow…
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It's-a Meme, Mario. 34 Super Funny Mario Memes to 1Up Your Day

I recently saw a video on TikTok that claims that Mario actually says “itsumi” instead of “it’s a-me”. The video claims that since Nintendo is based in Japan, in Japanese, the word “itsumi” means ‘superb’ or ‘super’, so really, he was saying “ Super Mario ” all this time! Amazing! However, this claim is not true. Mario does say “It’s a-me” and you haven’t been getting his catchphrase wrong. According to the official voice of Mario , Charles Martinet (Who recently announced his retirement), He’s…
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princess princess peach princess-memes princess-peach-memes super mario Super Mario bros mario - 21127173

22 Princess Peach Memes Proving She’s Winning With or Without Mario

Princess Peach is adored by Mario, but she'll always be just fine – regardless of his presence.
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Mario is a dick

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shigeru miyamoto Super Mario bros mario - 84709889

How Miyamoto Designs a Game

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Mama Mia!

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Super Mario Run Controller

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nintendo video games super mario 64 Super Mario bros Video Game Coverage - 83235073

Hacker Uncovers Secret Coin in Super Mario 64 That's Impossible to Collect

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The Darker Side of Mario Games

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Mario, the Lifetime Badass

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This Dude Spent 4,000 Hours On This Super Mario 64 Hack and It Looks Like It Was Worth It

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True Mario Dedication Is Making A Nine-Minute Video About Mario's Eye Blinking Mechanics

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Where Are My Pokeballs Summer

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Oh, Poor Luigi!

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