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The 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Made From DC Cartoons Will Almost Make You Wish It Was an Animated Movie

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Your Task Here Is Simple

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Harley Quinn Vents to Rob Gronkwoski in the Latest, Strange Suicide Squad Promo Clip

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Suicide Squad Director Says He Had the Cast Fight Each Other in Rehearsal, and the Joker's Tattoos Were Inspired by Drug Lords on Instagram

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Jared Leto's Face When He Realized He Was 'Tricked Into Joining Suicide Squad'

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Will Smith Trying to Squeeze out a Silent Fart Like

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This is What Happens When You Combine The Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman Trailers

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Jared Leto Says That David Bowie Inspired His Interpretation of the Joker

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The New Trailer for Suicide Squad Extended Cut Is Full of Madness

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Suicide Squad Releases New Posters in Preparation for the Latest Trailer Release

suicide squad poster Suicide Squad Releases New Posters in Preparation for the Latest Trailer Release
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The Different Versions of Deathstroke

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Check Out This New Pic From Suicide Squad

new suicide squad photo
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These Guys Recreated the Suicide Squad Trailer and There's More Joker Footage in Here than the Movie

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Stephen Colbert Cracking Jokes About Suicide Squad!

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Of Course You've Seen the New Suicide Squad Trailer, But Did You See These Easter Eggs

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Suicide Squad's Epic Fan Trailer

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