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A New Trailer for Suicide Squad and Our First Peek at Wonder Woman and the Justice League

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Not Even A Question

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Jared Leto Poses as the Joker on the Cover of Empire

suicide squad joker Jared Leto Poses as the Joker on the Cover of Empire
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At Least We Can All Agree That Harley Quinn Killed It In Suicide Squad, Right?

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This Video Shows Us How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended

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Suicide Squad Fan Poster

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Stephen Colbert Cracking Jokes About Suicide Squad!

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The Newest Suicide Squad Trailer Is All About Harley Quinn, and It's Amazing

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Empire Released a Photo of Cara Delvingne as Enchantress

suicide squad enchantress Empire Released a Photo of Cara Delvingne as Enchantress
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The Cast of Suicide Squad Tattoo Each Other

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The New Suicide Squad Trailer Touts a Strangely Bewitching Harley Quinn

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Oh, No They Didn't


Tom Hardy Leaves Suicide Squad, Fortuantely Jake Gyllenhaal Looks Exactly The Same

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Furious DC Fans Band Together and Start up Petition to Squash Rotten Tomatoes, after Negative Suicide Squad Reviews

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Jared Leto Says That David Bowie Inspired His Interpretation of the Joker

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