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Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

What Size Does Chewie Wear?

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Created by TheGoddessOphie ( Via spreadshirt )

Learn Your Stormtrooper ID

how to find your stormtrooper id
Funny webcomics of Hey Man You See That Guy OVer There memes, a lot of them have to do with anime, gaming, video games, skyrim, nintendo, xbox,.

Best Of: Hey Man You See That Guy Over There?

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Rumor Has It: Gwendoline Christie is a Chrome Trooper in Star Wars VII

geek memes news star wars brienne role
Via Vulture

This Guy is a Sith

funny memes bought all the star wars tickets

So You're Cruel and Evil?

wtf star wars poorly dressed - 7720123136
Created by Unknown

Can I Just Unplug It?

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star wars kids Video g rated - 67398657

Listen to What this Five Year Old Girl Thinks of Leia's Slave Outfit

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I Find Your Lack of Gifts Disturbing

christmas star wars darth vader - 6905270784
Created by Asciicodeplus ( Via Hallmark )
battlefront star wars video games video game logic - 1033477

These 24 Ridiculous Battlefront Pictures Have Us So Ready For a Reboot

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star wars jar jar binks Video - 76155905

Will It Blend Makes Sure Jar Jar Binks Got the End He Deserved

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Fan of the Day: Stars Wars Fan Spends 10 Years on Perfect Replica of Millennium Falcon

star wars fan spends 10 years on millennium falcon replica ahead of rogue one
Via The Daily Mail

Dub of the Day: Genius Overdubs Star Wars Episode III Using Bootleg Subtitles and the Movie is Good Now

youtuber overdubs all of star wars episode iii with mandarin subtitles backstroke of the west
Via GratefulDeadpool
star wars Video - 65359361

Brace Yourself, There May Be Ewoks in Star Wars VII

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Vader Has a Pony to Pick With You

best of week Bronies darth vader meme star wars - 5747032576
Created by Arcano

Duchess Satine

star wars - 8603878656
Created by bkarasek
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