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Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

Snow Day!

star wars chewbacca - 7836429824
By Unknown

Droid Control Bricks

scifi star wars - 6336450304
Via Brick Galaxy

You Don't Have to Skin a Wookie for This Rug

star wars merch wookie rug
Via Wonkshop

Just How Much Nerd Can You Fit in One Cake?

cake star wars Star Trek - 8026806784
Via Regali Kitchen
star wars star wars battlefront leak Video Game Coverage - 91911

Alpha Gameplay Footage From Star Wars Battlefront Has Leaked!

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star wars merle dixon The Walking Dead - 76784641

If Darth Vader Was Voiced by Merle

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star wars Lord of the Rings Video rap battle - 66572289

Galadriel Takes on Leia in This Princess Rap Battle

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star wars Star Trek mash up star wars vii - 75588353

With JJ Abrams at the Helm of Both, This Star Wars/Trek Mash Up Could Almost be a Reality

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trailers star wars guardians of the galaxy - 66670593

Star Wars Meets Guardians of the Galaxy

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You've Turned Off the Targeting Computer on Your Zamboni!

Via el_geto

That's No Moon, That's a Pokeball!

crossover Fan Art Pokémon star wars - 5502666240
By WafflesOnDoomsday
scifi star wars Video - 71947777

Need to Refresh Your Star Wars Memory? Watch All Six Films at Once!

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The Old Foes Home

cosplay darth vader fandom movies scifi star wars villains - 6031762688
Via Federico Chiesa
geek art star wars animation guardians of the galaxy cartoons video games - 811269

Lead Angry Birds Designer Reimagines Your Favorite Characters and the Results Are Sweet Perfection

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Music star wars Video - 59641089

Here's a Little Symphonic Star Wars to Start Your Weekend

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scifi star wars cute Cats - 76428801

Somebody Stop Darth Vader Cat!

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