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Prepare Your Tastebuds to be Assimilated

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All Power to Photon Torpedoes!

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By Aurelleah (Via Aurelleah Everfree)

Join the Klingon Battle Fleet today!

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By tamaleknight

It Always Comes Down to This

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By Hey.Dr.Nick

Officially Licensed Klingon Beer Coming to a Mouth Near You

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There's Now Legal Star Trek Currency in Canada, Cause Why Not, It's Canada?

Via The Trek Collective

Nothing is Safe

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By Unknown

Human Mating Rituals Are Fascinating

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By Unknown

The New Prime Directive

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By TehKyuubi

That's The Saddest, And Most Confused 'I Am Groot' You'll Ever Here

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Through Five Generations

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Via Erik Evenson

George Takei Thinks Sulu Being Gay Is 'Really Unfortunate'

Via The Hollywood Reporter

The Most Interesting Red Shirt In The Federation

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By Unknown
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Everything Wrong With Star Trek Beyond

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John de Lancie

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By DeathByCupcakes