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Eat Your Hearts Out, SciFi Nerds! This Star Wars/Star Trek Crossover is All Classic and All Fantastic

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Star Trek's Tim Russ Wishes a Happy Birthday to The Star Wars

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crossover scifi star wars Star Trek Video - 70698497

This Star Trek/Star Wars Trailer is Awesome Enough to End All Debates About Which is Better

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Star Trek star wars poll Neil deGrasse Tyson - 52999

Surprise, Surprise! Neil deGrasse Tyson Prefers Star Trek to Star Wars

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My Other Car Is Actually A Car, This One Is a Galaxy Class Dreadnought

TNG etsy Star Trek - 8038075648
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benedict cumberbatch Star Trek chocolate - 445445

Here's That Benedict Cumberbatch Made Out of Chocolate You Never Knew You Wanted

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Idris Elba Rumored to be Playing a Villain in Star Trek 3

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Set a Course for Tasty Fish!

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The Simplest Answer is Universally Almost Always the Right One

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Live Long and Drink Up

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scifi Star Trek Video - 69248769

Boldly Go Into This Metal Star Trek Theme Cover

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Tribute of the Day: Fans Honor Leonard Nimoy By ‘Spocking’ Canadian Currency

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twitter Spock Leonard Nimoy Star Trek - 395525

The Star Trek Family Takes to Social Media In Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

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Star Trek star wars parody Video scifi - 68670721

What Would Happen If Star Wars Really Crossed Over With Star Trek?

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The New Prime Directive

friendship picard MLP Star Trek - 8438910976
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Here's Hoping the New Guy Does Better

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