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Picard is Now Free!

discord picard princess celestia Q Star Trek - 6545357568
By Steven Morse
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Everything Wrong With Star Trek Beyond

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The Fandoms Are Getting More Incestuous

chris hemsworth Star Trek star wars Thor natalie portman - 7897896192
By Unknown

I am LaCutest of Borg

ponify Star Trek - 8994545152
By KiloDel (Via TJ Pones)

Keep It Together, Captain!

scifi gifs Star Trek - 7692758016
By James Crimp (Via rowsdowr)

It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

doctor who It Came From the Interwebz scifi Star Trek tardis - 5941486848
By Bloodyneptune
scifi star wars adam savage Star Trek - 72818689

Find Out Which Celebrities are Giant Nerds Based on Their Answers to This Classic SciFi Question

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Re-Framed: Well, Actually...

re-frames Star Trek - 6661300992
By Unknown

Klingon Ragtime

youtube Star Trek klingon - 8034753280
By Trekkie223
star wars list Star Trek William Shatner - 668933

William Shatner Thinks Star Wars is Garbage and He Doesn't Care Who Knows It

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Captain's Log: I Have no Idea What She's Talking About

cosplay Star Trek funny - 8256358912
Via Wil Wheaton
scifi star trek beyond Star Trek - 76849665

Even Simon Pegg Thought That Star Trek Beyond Trailer Wasn't Very Good

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They're Magically Delicious

discord yum books Star Trek Q - 6990319616
By DevaPath

Are You Flirting With Me?

TNG Star Trek that sounds naughty - 7797493760
By Unknown

How Tall are the Crews of the Enterprise?

Star Trek - 7710083072
Via bonnef

Live Long and Attract Males

It Came From the Interwebz lyrics milkshake scifi Spock Star Trek - 6137532928
By Unknown