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Prepare Your Tastebuds to be Assimilated

cake Star Trek noms - 7827667968
By Unknown

Augh Robin, Take a Bath

cute Fan Art Star Trek superheros - 6095264512
Via Mike Mitchell

Live Long and Attract Males

It Came From the Interwebz lyrics milkshake scifi Spock Star Trek - 6137532928
By Unknown
scifi Star Trek Video - 69248769

Boldly Go Into This Metal Star Trek Theme Cover

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If Your Last Name is Kirk, You Might Want to Make Plans to Move to Iowa

Captain Kirk Star Trek - 8376164096
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Who's Your Favorite Kirk?

Captain Kirk Star Trek - 7466394368
By Unknown

These Star Trek Hoodies are Perfect for Casual Cosplay

scifi for sale Star Trek - 8362166784
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Star Trek Video - 65135873

Now This is a Car Commercial I Can Get Excited About

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The Captain's Quarters Need New Drapes

for sale Star Trek - 8212426496
Via 8-bit hobo on RedBubble

The Bald Guy is Spock, Right?

Star Trek star wars scifi - 8590527744
By Orielle

Picard Pie

best of week brony comics picard pinkie pie Star Trek tears - 5254699520
By DougEstile

Shake Your Money Maker

scifi gifs Star Trek - 8587406336
By tamaleknight

Tribble, Tribble, Tribble

taylor swift tribbles puns Star Trek - 7809639424
By Jenna

My Other Car Is Actually A Car, This One Is a Galaxy Class Dreadnought

TNG etsy Star Trek - 8038075648
Via Empira

The Simplest Answer is Universally Almost Always the Right One

geek meme star trek it support
Via unknown

You Like That Star Thing, Right?

cake FAIL Star Trek - 8340827392
Via 8bit-tardis
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