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So That's What Really Happened

web comics star wars robots So That's What Really Happened
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Batman and Villains Are Redesigned As Awesome Robots

Fan Art robots batman - 8307756544
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WOOO-FREAKING-HOOO! Goon Kickstarter Reaches it Goal

kickstarter robots the goon - 6759843840
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Vision is A Downer

Straight off the Page robots the vision - 8397624576
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Just Do What We Say...

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trailers scifi movies robots - 65889281

This Trailer for Chappie is Sure to Give You Robot Feels

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Iron Man Just Wants to Play With His Robots

art robots iron man - 7245848320
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Love For a Machine

art robots love kamen rider - 6999334144
By Sosuke

Gee, How Do They Hide Those Giant Things?

Funny meme of a person whole loves transformers and what his friends refer to them as.
By Unknown
transformers geek robots Video win - 82666497

This Person Just Came The Closest Anyone Ever Has To Creating A Real-Life Optimus Prime

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transformers robots Video - 65564929

With This Robot Design, We're One Step Closer to Having a Real Transformer

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lego awesome robots pacific rim - 73121025

Man Builds Telemetry Suit To Control Robot Out of LEGOs

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movies robots supercut - 68528385

Did You Know Robots Have Been in Film for Almost 100 Years?

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wall.e robots DIY Video - 53221633

A Real-Life Wall-E!

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Avengers: Age of Friendship

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space invaders robots lasers video games g rated win - 69722881

Playing Space Invader, Now With More ACTUAL LASERS

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