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Meanwhile in Japan

awesome robots - 7895702528
Created by meganeguard ( Via l3reezer )
work cute robots pixar - 72690433

This Adorable Robot Plays Peek-a-Boo

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Well, at Least the Robot Learned Sass

Via poorlydrawnlines
Japan news usa robots - 82767617

US Unveils Massively Deadly Robot That'll Square Off Against Japan In A Glorious Robot Deathmatch

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movies robots supercut - 68528385

Did You Know Robots Have Been in Film for Almost 100 Years?

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IMPULSE: Not The Brightest Bulb

impulse robots Straight off the Page teen titans - 5388047104
Created by hachan

Feast Your Eyes on This 1/2 Scale Transformer

transformers gifs cars robots - 7731080704
Via Youtube
space invaders robots lasers video games g rated win - 69722881

Playing Space Invader, Now With More ACTUAL LASERS

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Love For a Machine

art robots love kamen rider - 6999334144
Created by Sosuke

Until the Machines Demand Equal Rights...

Via ArkadiusBear

A Year Away From Episode VII, and We Already Have Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

star wars nerdgasm robots - 8405397248
Via Imgur user of some kind

WOOO-FREAKING-HOOO! Goon Kickstarter Reaches it Goal

kickstarter robots the goon - 6759843840
Via Goon Kickstarter
robots science Video - 52460033

The T-100 and Johnny5 Had a Creepy Baby

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lego awesome robots pacific rim - 73121025

Man Builds Telemetry Suit To Control Robot Out of LEGOs

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Goon, Always Good

robots Straight off the Page zombie - 5401585408
Created by Maroon Bunyip

Invasion of the Fake Geek Girls

geeks dorkly robots web comics - 7984519680
Via Dorkly
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