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Disney of the Day: Netflix Changes Pocahontas Description After Internet Outcry

Netflix changes the sexist, culturally insensitive Pocahontas description.
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That Doesn't Seem Right...

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MLP: Ghosts are Magic

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I'm Not That Kind of Binge Watcher

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Rosario Dawson Set To Come Back for Daredevil Season 2

Funny quotes and screencaps of British comedian Jack Whitehall.

10+ Comedic Nuggets From British Comic Jack Whitehall

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The First Half of Season 5 Is Already on Netflix

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Watch the New Teaser For Luke Cage

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Netflix Rocks Our World, Reveals Sigourney Weaver as the Defenders' Main Villain

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Both of Them, Probably

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Cancel Your Saturday Plans, Pokémon is Coming to Netflix

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Go Home Netflix, You're Drunk

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Marvel's Daredevil Released an Official Trailer for Season Two

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Netflix is Bringing Back a Computer Animated Version of "The Magic School Bus"

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Scumbag Netflix

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