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The Question of All Questions

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By s8an

Spoiler Alert! Netflix Dares You to Play Russian Roulette With Spoilers From Movies and TV Shows

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Via Netflix
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Daredevil's Two New Action-Packed Trailers

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The Reviews Are Coming In For Marvel's 'Daredevil', and It's Looking Good

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Five Star Ratings Are Magic

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By Doghouse_Reilly

Oh, They're Sure

netflix madoka magica dark show storm coming
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Luke Cage superheroes netflix - 74986753

Netflix's Luke Cage Series Will Be a "Modern Day" Interpretation but His Catchphrase is Here to Stay

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Netflix and FREEZE!

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New Motion Poster For Netfix/Marvel's Daredevil Shows Off Matt Murdock

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New Netflix Moving Poster Gives a Glimpse of Matt Murdock's Daredevil Duds

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Scumbag Netflix

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By Unknown
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Here's What You Have to Look Forward to in Season Two of Netflix's Daredevil

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Marvel's Netflix Series, "Daredevil" Gets a Release Date

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7 Things Netflix Is Doing Right With Daredevil

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Jessica Jones Is Coming to Netflix November 20th

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Netflix is Taking Team Rocket a Little Too Seriously

netflix, team rocket, pokemon
Via oviraptor
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