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Lego my Eggo! Lego are one of the world's most successful toys, and probably a big reason behind games like Minecraft. Building blocks that allowed us to build fantastic scenes and epic battles that kept us occupied for hours. So take a trip back to childhood, or your basement now, and enjoy these hilarious lego memes puns and jokes.

star wars lego Video - 70956545

R2-D2 Takes Care of Himself in This LEGO Star Wars Video

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This Kid Made a Godzilla Mask Out of Legos!

Via Guilsogue
captain america lego The Movies Video wtf - 33299457

Truly an American Lego

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Tell LEGO, You Want The Doctor

doctor who lego - 8091227904
Created by DuqNcover ( Via lego.cuusoo )
lego nerdgasm batman Video - 62768641

Bat-Geeks Rejoice at This New LEGO Tumbler!

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lego halo video games win - 80128001

Committed Halo 5 Fan Builds 6,000-Piece LEGO Rocket Launcher Replica That Might Be the Best Build We've Ever Seen

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lego list Fan Art adventure time - 751877

The Only Thing Wrong With These Adventure Time LEGO Minifigs is the Fact That They Aren't Real

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The Crystal Bricks

lego steven universe - 8540902144
castle lego design nerdgasm Video - 63133953

Not-Quite-Howl's Moving LEGO Castle

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jurassic world lego Video Game Coverage - 71832065

Get Ready for Some Clever Girls in LEGO Jurassic World

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batman lego funny Video - 56602625

How Amazing is This Fully-Automated LEGO Batman Set?

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Because I Am The Night, and The Night Isn't Purple

lego batman black - 8062859008
Via Nerdiest Gamer Girl
lego vampires Video - 38179841

Travel Deep Into the Realm of Monsters

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lego doctor who 50th anniversary - 62566657

Day of The Lego

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the matrix lego Video - 69671937

The Ending of This LEGO Matrix Lobby Fight Scene Changes Everything (for the Better)

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lego age of ultron - 74681857

Age of Ultron in LEGO and Under 2 Minutes

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