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Lego my Eggo! Lego are one of the world's most successful toys, and probably a big reason behind games like Minecraft. Building blocks that allowed us to build fantastic scenes and epic battles that kept us occupied for hours. So take a trip back to childhood, or your basement now, and enjoy these hilarious lego memes puns and jokes.

lego avengers - 74888705

LEGO Marvel's Avengers Trailer

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LEGO Curiosity Rover!

awesome lego science space - 7990738176
Created by Unknown

Lego Avengers

avengers lego Super-Lols toys - 6293692160
Created by darklordofthefluff
lego The Hobbit smaug Video - 66539777

A More Realistic Take on That Conversation With Smaug

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Lego, U No Hire This Guy !!1

awesome batmobile lego - 6471447040
Created by masterdje ( Via Tiler )
fan made lego doctor who video games - 71239169

This Fan's Interpretation of a LEGO Doctor Who Video Game Needs to Happen

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lego back to the future Video - 69249025

Get Your Nostalgia on With LEGO Back to the Future

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lego video games Video portal 2 - 45487361

Lego Portal 2

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star wars lego r2-d2 nerdgasm Video g rated win - 61048321

This R2 Unit's New Name is L3-G0

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Lord of the Rings lego list - 219909

Head Into Helm's Deep With This LEGO Recreation

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The Avengers in LEGO

avengers lego awesome Movie poster Random Heroics - 6646042368
Created by dolf1nluvr
lego nerdgasm batman Video - 62768641

Bat-Geeks Rejoice at This New LEGO Tumbler!

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jurassic world lego Video Game Coverage - 71832065

Get Ready for Some Clever Girls in LEGO Jurassic World

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One Lego Brick at a Time

art IRL lego - 5595981056
Created by Unknown
trailers lego Video Video Game Coverage - 71524097

You Do You in LEGO Worlds

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Now That's an Unhinged Lego

amazing Awesome Art deadpool lego - 5887585792
Via Silent Master 005
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