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trailers joker DC superheroes jared leto supercut - 81002241

Watch All the Joker Scenes from Suicide Squad Trailers in One Fan-Made Supercut

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arkham origins joker the joker - 55461633

Troy Baker Proves His Joker Bona Fides at NYCC

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Jared Leto's Joker Might Be Inspired by Batman: Endgame

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Hipster Joker

joker hipster batman - 6765283584
Created by ZackAttackf

Everyday I'm Hammering

Awesome Art hammer Harley Quinn joker - 5726247936
Created by Asciicodeplus ( Via )
action figures joker DC creepy batman - 968197

The Jokerman Is Just about as Haunting as You'd Expect Him to Be

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joker wallet batman - 47680257

Quickly, to Your Bat-Wallets!

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Jared Leto Is Furious with Studio, Says He Feel Like He Was Tricked into Doing Suicide Squad

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Jared Leto Hung out in Psych Wards With Actual Psychopaths That Have Committed Horrible Crimes to Get in Character for the Joker Role

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Jared Leto's Face When He Realized He Was 'Tricked Into Joining Suicide Squad'

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Harley, How Do You Not Know This?

Harley Quinn joke joker Straight off the Page - 5210511104
Created by maxystone

You Said it, Alfred

alfred batman catwoman halloween joker penguin scarecrow Straight off the Page trick or treat - 5382336256
Created by Unknown

Always Keep a Fish in Your Pocket

comic fish joker Straight off the Page wtf - 5390269952
Created by Unknown

This Playground Needs a Villain

joker kid batman - 7166945536
Created by jkpatterson12

Jared Leto Transitions From Being Joker, to Playing Bisexual Blood Suckin' Vamp in the Interview With a Vampire Remake

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I Bet it Has to Do With His Father

costume fat joker Super-Lols - 5332274176
Created by perona15