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Joker's Nefarious Plans

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Oh That Superman

batman joker prank Random Heroics superman text - 5244347392
By Unknown
trailers joker DC movies Harley Quinn suicide squad - 81554689

Watch the Final Trailer for Suicide Squad

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Well, It Looks Like Batman Is F**ked

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Spectacular Spiderman > Ultimate Spiderman

red hood joker Spider-Man - 7064611840
By Moario

With Style!

Awesome Art batman best of week joker killer croc penguin Riddler two face - 5418552832
By Javier Andres Ramos Aguilera (Via

Jared Leto Sent Viola Davis Bullets in the Mail and She Almost Pepper Sprayed Him for It

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joker DC movies - 82308353

This Dark Knight Video Explains Why Heath Ledger's Joker Was The Ultimate Antagonist

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It's All in the Hair

Awesome Art Harley Quinn joker Movie - 5801864448
By muppetpuppet

You Never Go Full Joker Mode..Unless You're Jared Leto and You Send Your Co-stars Used Condoms and Anal Beads

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behind the scenes joker Harley Quinn suicide squad - 495621

Harley Quinn and The Joker on The Suicide Squad Set (Spoilers)

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Batman Probably Should Have Seen That Coming

web comics joker batman Batman Probably Should Have Seen That Coming
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trailers joker DC superheroes jared leto supercut - 81002241

Watch All the Joker Scenes from Suicide Squad Trailers in One Fan-Made Supercut

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It Really Does

joker robin bane - 6701617408
By as54ad

Jared Leto Poses as the Joker on the Cover of Empire

suicide squad joker Jared Leto Poses as the Joker on the Cover of Empire
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Nananananananana ... BatNails!

bane batman Harley Quinn joker nails Random Heroics Riddler villains - 6140620800
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