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This Playground Needs a Villain

joker kid batman - 7166945536
By jkpatterson12

I'm Pretty, Right?

catwoman joker Super-Lols - 6045985792
By SynHavok

This One Will Never Be Used Against Me

geek joker cards - 8793859584
By tamaleknight

So Romantic

batman joker harley quinn So Romantic
Via daily-superheroes

The Joker is a Brony too

comic comics joker - 6510313728
By MisterSuperstar

The Joker Is Horrifying

scary joker art off the page - 7022398720
Via Made By ABVH

Well, It Looks Like Batman Is F**ked

Via everythingmarveldcu

The Joker's Always Screaming

batman joker painting scream - 6547234048
By Unknown

Walkin' Joker Style

joker art awesome - 7154427648
By Mistermascara (Via Rafa Toro)

He Laughs at Everything

joker laugh meme Super-Lols - 5686214912
By Nerdyay


costume flash joker Spider-Man Super-Lols superman wolverine - 4896661760
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad

Jared Leto Sent Viola Davis Bullets in the Mail and She Almost Pepper Sprayed Him for It

Via enews

Joker's Bucket List

batman joker Straight off the Page wtf - 6098071808
By shadic74
behind the scenes joker Harley Quinn suicide squad - 495621

Harley Quinn and The Joker on The Suicide Squad Set (Spoilers)

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joker batman funny - 52016897

The Joker Blogs - Fall of the House of Arkham

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Killer Croc Actor from Suicide Squad Says He'd Watch a Video Every Day of a Dutch Woman Being Eaten, to Get in Character

Via Screen Rant
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