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Chrome vs Firefox

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By ShadowKnight332 (Via foice)

It's Amazing What the Internet Can Do

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By Thrill-Gunner
Pokémon internet pokemon sun and moon reactions funny - 879365

Here Are Some the Best Reactions to Pokémon Sun and Moon's Hilarious New Exeggutor

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So Close South Park

comics internet my little brony so close South Park - 6182348288
By oatmealiscrazy

She Sees What You're Doing

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By DeathByCupcakes (Via zutheskunk)

Oh, What The Internet Hath Wrought

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By philip.wu1

Yeah, Or Sitting Here...

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By Unknown

50 Things a Geek Should Know

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By neomam

Google Search Twilight Vampire

do it internet meme twilight twilight sparkle - 5278431744
See all captions By Unknown

Made an Important Discovery in Time for the 100th Comic.

Comics - Why would you double space after sentences? Fuckin' Twitter. How do they expect people who double space after sentences to work Umm, because you're Supposed to? with 140 characters? FUCK. Yeah, back when we Used typewriters. You're not wrong. Bullshit I figured it was just something everyone forgot to do, like cursive. Guy, look at any website. But Ive typed a hundred comics worth of blog posts, comments, replies, tweets... Yes. Good job on the one hundred comics thing, though. All of t
By JosephSim84 (Via

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O!

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Reading Comments on the Internet

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By DeathByCupcakes

Don't Open the Weird Door to the Internet

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By Bendyrulz

Haters Gonna Provide

tv geek entertainment internet The Dazzlings haters - 8347055360

I'll Have to Look It Up Onl... Oh

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By Unknown


internet Spider-Man Superhero IRL twitter - 6261666560
By Unknown