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7 Disney Movies Rewritten (Ruined) by the Internet

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It's Amazing What the Internet Can Do

comics derpy hooves internet muffins - 5143333888
By Thrill-Gunner

Welcome to My Life

school internet anime fandom problems - 8209338368
By Someone

I'll Have to Look It Up Onl... Oh

internet anime - 8757522944
By Unknown

Morning Browsing in a Nutshell

gifs internet bon bon - 8571720704
By TomOldman (Via

Made an Important Discovery in Time for the 100th Comic.

Comics - Why would you double space after sentences? Fuckin' Twitter. How do they expect people who double space after sentences to work Umm, because you're Supposed to? with 140 characters? FUCK. Yeah, back when we Used typewriters. You're not wrong. Bullshit I figured it was just something everyone forgot to do, like cursive. Guy, look at any website. But Ive typed a hundred comics worth of blog posts, comments, replies, tweets... Yes. Good job on the one hundred comics thing, though. All of t
By JosephSim84 (Via

Haters Gonna Provide

tv geek entertainment internet The Dazzlings haters - 8347055360

Yeah, Or Sitting Here...

internet Spider-Man - 7968362496
By Unknown

Batman Fights The Internet

batman college humor Memes internet - 7968891136
By fergieflo (Via College Humor)

Abort Mission: Self Googling

internet twilight sparkle google - 8449362944
By maorows (Via mr-1)

Welcome to the Internet

facebook internet Spider-Man Super-Lols - 6437013760
See all captions By Unknown

So Close South Park

comics internet my little brony so close South Park - 6182348288
By oatmealiscrazy

Rule 34 Strikes Again

internet Scootaloo - 8148847872
By invader.guy (Via null)

Robin Always Sees The Worst The Internet Has to Offer

batman internet robin scary Super-Lols - 4893795584
See all captions By MeGustaMiRaggae

You Are What You Eat...

internet marshmallow meme photoshop pinkie pie - 5442577664
By Pinkius_Piecus

Webpage From the Future

chrome internet - 7335908608
By Lucario17
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