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Oh Hello, Nightmares!

best of week gladOS Portal video games - 5411963392
Via Guavi

Giving You the Evil Eye

Fan Art gladOS portal 2 video games Wheatley - 5645895680
Created by W. C. Cube ( Via twinklepowderysnow )
movies trailers Portal pacific rim gladOS Video - 45716993

Pretty Sure This is the Prequel to Portal

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The Cake is Alone

cake Portal video games gladOS - 6796136960
Created by Unknown

They Do What They Must, Because They Can

video games Portal gladOS - 6694418944
Created by MagentaV ( Via repsectthedarklord )

With This Ring I Do Thee Test

Fan Art gladOS Portal ring video games - 6049313280
Via ammnra

Getting Steamy With GLaDOS

Fan Art gladOS Portal Steampunk video games - 5421578752
Created by Kiana ( Via )
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