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With This Ring I Do Thee Test

Fan Art gladOS Portal ring video games - 6049313280
Via ammnra
best of week gladOS portal 2 song Video video games Wheatley - 34203393

He's the Evil Wheatley Core

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I'd Do Some Tests for Her

Portal fluttershy gladOS - 8746507776
Created by Qwertzuy ( Via Alasou )

The Cake is a Lie

cake potato Portal video games gladOS - 6982178560
Created by Aidoboy

I Thought It Was Quite Slimming

chell Fan Art gladOS portal 2 video games - 5443532544
Created by Tylinn ( Via )

Oh Hello, Nightmares!

best of week gladOS Portal video games - 5411963392
Via Guavi

It's a Tough Job, But Somebody Had to be a Potato

chell Fan Art gladOS hey jackc0x i got you a p humanized Portal video games Wheatley - 6253856256
Via Fox-Feathers

You Tried to Kill Me!

cosplay gladOS Portal video games - 6582807552
Via Rizumi-hime

No, There's No Birthday Cake

birthday gladOS Portal video games - 6104387584
Created by chibibailey

Getting Steamy With GLaDOS

Fan Art gladOS Portal Steampunk video games - 5421578752
Created by Kiana ( Via )

Having Fun Isn't Hard

Portal video games gladOS - 7366113536
Created by Rattmann ( Via Potados )

The Cake is Alone

cake Portal video games gladOS - 6796136960
Created by Unknown

Spike Lies

the cake is a lie spike Portal gladOS - 7014528768
Created by philsrobeighn

Just Go

cosplay Portal video games gladOS - 6718131200
Via elita-01

They Do What They Must, Because They Can

video games Portal gladOS - 6694418944
Created by MagentaV ( Via repsectthedarklord )

GLaDOS Can Be So Cruel

comic comics dad gladOS mom portal 2 Scootaloo video games - 5425938432
Created by phantomignition
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