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Watching the Sun Rise

gifs Scootaloo rainbow dash - 7622032128
By wcclark (Via twodeepony)

Dance Party Through Time And Space

11th Doctor dance gifs weeping angels - 8082413568
Via Shocking Blankets

Tesco Strikes Again

gifs twilight sparkle - 7098844416
By wcclark (Via elnachato)

Can't Contain Thou

gifs rarity - 8444084736
By ohrearry

GTFO, Darling

gifs twilight sparkle rarity - 7580103168
By wcclark
MLP gifs list - 335621

Ponies Make Everything Scarier

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I'm Mean to You Because I Love You

gifs The Avengers - 7537472768
By Unknown

Dat Patty Face

gifs anime soul eater - 7688783360
By Unknown

You Done Goofed

gifs wonder woman - 8363087872
Via jesec

I Don't Always Trip, but When I Do I Trip Fabulously

gifs anime - 8485217536
By Alterio

Pinkie Has Countdowns Stashed All Over

countdown gifs emergency pinkie pie - 6724507904
By oatmealiscrazy

Any Thread With Gak in It

abandon thread gifs gak - 6760687360
By sora205

Squishy Detective

gifs detective pikachu Fan Art - 8752059904
By ArkenFlare

The Only Appropriate Reaction to Seeing a Titan

anime memes live action attack on titan gif
Via 東宝MOVIEチャンネル

Like What You See?

gifs anime sailor moon - 8395695616
By Unknown

Dats Nasty Yo

gifs anime memefield pls - 8584370944
By memefield
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