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It's Off the Scale!

anime comic comics futurama love and tolerate - 5881050624
By SkySceneRock

It's Never Looked More Attractive

cartoon memes when you shave
futurama Video - 81526785

Here's a Trailer for a Live Action, Fan Made Futurama Movie

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Flim Flam Brothers One and Only Miracle Cream

futurama flim flam brothers Zoidberg - 7443762688
By firedoom666

Benekif Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch cartoons futurama - 8113298688
Via Google

It's like the best one EVAR

charizard futurama nerd rage comic Rage Comics - 5070865920
By shaipo

Luna Park: Officially Approved by Luna!

doubled futurama princess luna - 7974752256
By ilikepie56

Why Not Have a Staring Contest?

gifs cartoons futurama Zoidberg - 7726614016
By Unknown

Zapp Brannigan's Only Book of War

cartoons futurama - 7220497664
Via Penny Arcade

The Worst Part of Twitch Plays Pokémon

futurama gifs twitch plays pokemon - 8074166784
By Unknown

Molestia Clops

princess celestia futurama fry - 7839367168
By Unknown

Saddest Moment in History

crying fluttershy futurama meme TV - 6411682816
By ohrearry

New a New Potato Head?

Fan Art futurama mr potato head Zoidberg - 5929313536
By maxystone

I Wanna Bite It

cartoons dat ass futurama - 7623346176
By ToaAntan

I Can't Quite Make Out... Anything, Really

Fan Art futurama TV - 5911235328
Via David Johns

Need a Terrifying Monster?

cartoons Fan Art futurama Zoidberg - 5505416960
By lionomgwtbbq (Via Jared Krichevsky)