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Need a Terrifying Monster?

cartoons Fan Art futurama Zoidberg - 5505416960
By lionomgwtbbq (Via Jared Krichevsky)

Filly J. Fry

background pony fry futurama filly - 8077460992

No, Tara! OH GOD NO

brony community comic comics futurama tara strong - 5854625024
By Evilmunk

Choose Wisely

futurama my little pony TV - 6439820544
By Rainbowdashlover12

There is a Brain Goomy for All

Pokémon goomy futurama - 7859797760
By Unknown
Team Fortress 2 futurama Video - 49842433

Robot Hell

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futurama Video - 76165377

Lobsters Accompanied by Zoidberg Sounds are Absolutely Adorable

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Wood For Wood

cartoons futurama NSFW - 8760175872
By Luchabro

Forever Alone

forever alone comics futurama rainbow dash - 7298197248
By Dxthegod

Every Single Year

comics futurama bronycon - 7718719488
By Dxthegod

I've Got to Watch Futurama, Double Time!

cartoons futurama - 7589331712
By Unknown

Just a Bit Longer

futurama logo - 5037340160
By Unknown

Earlier Today I Was Like This

cartoons comic comics futurama King of the hill season 2 simpsons yay - 5211963904
By SirKilmoreRyan

Wynaut Zoidberg?

futurama Pokémon Zoidberg wynaut - 8424546304
By Galletoconk

At Least Make It Impressive

crossover Sherlock cartoons futurama - 8036080896
By Herminbean

Planet Express

cartoons Fan Art futurama lego - 6403717888
Via Pepa Quin