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Eat Them All, My Precious!

Lord of the Rings food noms - 7267978752
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cupcakes food - 48894209

How to Make My Little Pony Cupcakes

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Captain America's Breakfast S.H.I.E.L.D.

breakfast shield captain america food - 7307651840
By HerHeroicalScandals (Via Kitchen Overlord)

Little Did My Manager Know He Was Hiring a Pegasister to Work in His Bakery

pinkie pie food argument is invalid - 6655831808
By Sophisters

Oh, Oh No

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Derpy Doesn't Know What Went Wrong

IRL derpy hooves food muffins - 7322717440
By DeltaFlame

Luna is Best Pancake

food IRL luna moon pancake - 6424052736
By Spazbo4

Too Late

Babies comics food photoshop pumpkin cake yum - 5708130560
By Tyler_G

Those Cupcakes are Crazy!

cupcakes deadpool delicious food Random Heroics - 5011524864
By Unknown

When That Lovely Co-Worker Brings Doughnuts for Everyone, to Kick off the Morning

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There's Always Time For Hors d'Oeuvres

jensen ackles Supernatural dean winchester food - 7765019136
By Unknown

Ok...That is a Sweet Cake

batman birthday cake dinosaur food Random Heroics - 4838038016
By Mel

Needs More Ketchup

Pokémon pikachu food - 8456965632
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Oshawott is Not Happy

Pokémon oshawott food - 7901105664
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Fan Art mega slowbro food - 8286626816
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tumblr posts about powerful starbucks coffee

Tumblr Thread About Starbuck's Customers Insanely Caffeinated Drinks Is Alarmingly Accurate

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