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Ok...That is a Sweet Cake

batman birthday cake dinosaur food Random Heroics - 4838038016
By Mel

Mr. Stay Puft Gets the Payback He Deserves

Ghostbusters nerdgasm food - 8349059328
Via tpolisher

The Hero We Needed Just Invented The "Entire-Loaf/Single-Slice" Sandwich

Via TheDaneMen
cupcakes food - 48894209

How to Make My Little Pony Cupcakes

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I'd Try Some Fried Hitmonlee

food hitmonlee IRL Pokémemes - 6431550720
By Unknown

Eevee Cookies!

eevee food cookies - 8272771840
Via Eva Funderburgh

A Recipe for Tears

Via crookedframecomics

Eye Poppin' Good

TMNT eye food delicious - 6758828032
By Sosuke

We Are Out There

IRL rarity food - 7130705664
By Jawmuncher

The Cake With a Mouth

cake deadpool food Random Heroics - 5664473856
By Chelsey

Trust the God of Thunder for Good Food!

food Random Heroics recipe The Thing Thor - 4990119936
By xyzpdq1

Super Delicious

awesome Awesome Art cupcakes delicious food symbols - 4831246592
By abifit

I Should Go on a Diet

anime food noms - 8059663872
By YakuzaDuragon

The Alignment of Deliciousness

MLP food - 8543735040
By DeathByCupcakes

Flutterbat Is Not Amused

food flutterbat - 7976407808
By LOLgirl400

Deadpool Cupcake

cupcake cute deadpool food - 6554167552
By Xindaiel