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The Calorie Level Is Over 9000!!!

dragon ball anime manga food - 8766384640
By Mamalugia

I Should Go on a Diet

anime food noms - 8059663872
By YakuzaDuragon

The Pikachu Burger at the Pikachu Cafe in Japan is So Cute

Pokémon pikachu Japan food - 8256456960
Via Inside Games

Is McDonald's Serving up Green Burgers to Commemorate Angry Birds' Movie Release, or Just Trying to Get Rid of Expired Buns?

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Baking Delicious Incarnations of Original 151 'mons

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By PirateGrog (Via gottabakeemall)

When the Five Star Spice Kicks In

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By Mamalugia (Via rebel-10)

Flufflepuff and Tacos

flufflepuff tacos comics food - 7544266240
By DivineFarticus (Via askflufflepuff)

Diets are for Chumps

anime gifs spirited away eat everything
Via fassyy

Are You Sure You Don't Regret That?

Pokémon snorlax munchlax food - 7153664512
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We're Positive This Is An Attractive Burger

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She'll Do Whatever Rainbow Dash Says

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By Bendyrulz

Speak With Your Wallets

pizza gaming DLC food video games - 8441736448
By joseph.henderson.5815
Pokeballs videos cupcakes food - 50949633

Pokéball Cupcakes!

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I'd Take a Bacon Pancake Over a Friend Any Day

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By Unknown

Cute Enough to Eat

Fan Art hello kitty food - 8375364864
Via anne2matthew

The Only Way Pikachu Gets in a Pokéball

cake food IRL pikachu - 6209296128
By Lizasaur