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I'm Starting to Run Out of Room

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Created by Defender_of_5

Hi, Whatcha Watchin!

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Transformers, USB Out!

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'Scuse Me!

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A Twitter thread about a dude discovering an awesome, ancient computer | LOCKED John Pfaff @JohnFPfaff 10h Oh God. An Apple lle. Sat my parents' attic years. Decades. And works. Put an old game disk. Asks if want restore saved game. And finds one must be 30 years old 10 years old again

Twitter Thread: Man Discovers Ancient Computer

It's an actual treasure.
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The Horrors of Bill's PC

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I Know That Feel

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Created by xyzpdq1

Fine, My Great Aunt Already Knows, It Can't Get Any Worse

superman computers Fine, My Great Aunt Already Knows, It Can't Get Any Worse
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Extract "Pinkie Pie.rar"

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Cold Hearted Pony

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Created by LexiaFira
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