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Pinkie Breaks the 4th Wall to Stop the Clopping

clopping computer For the Dudes pinkie pie Rule 34 - 5215703808
Created by ParanoidPenguin

Not That Difficult, Actually...

computer head pinkie pie tumblr - 5082295040
Created by prisemaster

How's That for a Ventilation Shaft?

computer It Came From the Interwebz PC star wars - 6191724288
Created by Unknown

Anyone Else out There Miss This MMO with a Burning Passion?

Via SarcasticSidney
Funny Twitter memes and reactions about the price of Apple's new Mac Pro

Apple Releases Its $50,000 Mac Pro, The Internet Reacts

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Muffin Button!

derpy computer muffins - 6937298944
Created by DJNightmar3

Tell It, Sweetie Belle

angry broken computer Sweetie Belle work wtf - 5103276544
Created by Unknown

Hi, Whatcha Watchin!

4th wall computer gifs meme my little pony pinkie pie - 6191555840
Created by Defender_of_5
A Twitter thread about a dude discovering an awesome, ancient computer | LOCKED John Pfaff @JohnFPfaff 10h Oh God. An Apple lle. Sat my parents' attic years. Decades. And works. Put an old game disk. Asks if want restore saved game. And finds one must be 30 years old 10 years old again

Twitter Thread: Man Discovers Ancient Computer

It's an actual treasure.
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The Joke's On You

awesome computer excel IRL Music - 5501007616
Created by Unknown

They're Busy Anyway

web comics superheroes computers They're Busy Anyway
Via agent-x

But You're Right Next to Me

box computer gameplay link cable trade - 5125004800
Created by Rezio-Ross

Derpy Accidentally Her Computer

best of week computer derpy hooves meme - 5449812224
Created by Epic_Toaster

When You See Digimon on the Internet

computer Rage Comics - 4994179840
Created by Unknown

It's Always Pressed On Luna's Keyboard

best of week capslock computer IRL keyboard luna - 5352220416
Created by turbotroll

Well, It's a Mac

art awesome best of week big mac computer eeyup mac ponies - 5258454784
Created by SirKilmoreRyan
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