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Nick Fury Can Choose ALL OF THEM

best of week Black Widow hawkeye hulk iron man Nick Fury Super-Lols Thor - 5251607808
By Unknown

Tarot Cards

art best of week pokémon card - 5247556352
By Unknown

The Trio

Awesome Art batman best of week movies trilogy - 5637445888
By Unknown


best of week dragonball fusion mane six ponies - 5404515584
By Lydjuh

The Last Crop Bender

Avatar best of week cosplay - 5762899200
By DateMasamune (Via

Two of My Favorite Things

best of week girls meme Memes pokebra - 6430433280
By Figorama

They Should Have Made Skyward Sword Years Ago

best of week Fan Art legend of zelda Skyward Sword - 5659142912
Via Sans Emploi

Adorable In His Own Way

awesome best of week comics comparison cute Harry Potter - 5518481408
By LhasaApso

Ponyholics Anonymous

addiction best of week comics going crazy insane twilight sparkle - 5592124416
By Urizen

Jeez Rarity

best of week comics pinkie pie rainbow dash rarity read it and weep - 5731182336
By akirakun9993

Priorities, Spidey!

best of week crossover Fan Art fandom Spider-Man - 6344771072
By Unknown

Friendship Time

adventure time awesome best of week crossover - 5625151488
By awilczek
best of week Bronies bronycon howard stern Sad Video - 39801857

Howard's Right, Let's Shut the Site Down

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They Go Straight To Your Hear- HNNNNNNNNNNNNG!

best of week hnnnnng Party ponies SpongeBob SquarePants squidward - 5207068416
By supreme234

That Pikachu Can't Learn Quick Attack

best of week halloween meme Memes pikachu - 5375120384
By Baron_Lego

It Must Be a Coincidence

best of week coincidence comics lauren faust - 5825540352
By TotallyAGodot (Via
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